Yesterday, I learnt a lot about stag beetles; they can grow to up to 3″ and like to hang out in rotten tree stumps. I know this because I was on a ramble in the Blue Peter garden; ok, that’s a lie, I was in a nature reserve in Surrey but it felt distinctly Blue Petery – it was small and tidy with lots of little paths and homemade signs and cheery folk in big jumpers and wellington boots, weaving homemade fences and carrying heavy logs around. They were way too happy. I was hoping someone would drop a heavy log on someone else’s foot and then there’d be a fight and someone would  stab someone in the eye with a freshly whittled stick or at least put dog dirt down someone’s fleece. Sadly, it didn’t happen. What did happen was that Katrina and I got lost. Round and round in circles we went looking for the way out but nature can be very samey. So we followed some people with a big bag of poo thinking they might be on their way back to the car park but their dog evidently had a bowel problem because the bag just got bigger and bigger and we got more lost. Whilst I was fully prepared to fashion a sleeping bag from a bush and kill a rabbit with my bare teeth I was rather pleased when our inner compass kicked in and we found our way out via the stag beetle enclave. I want the Blue Peter badge for Endurance. �