Does anyone else ever have those ‘Sunday Supplement’ moments? Where everything is so perfect and pretty and colourful that you feel sure it’s been taken straight out of the pages of the Observer magazine and actually, you are not you but a model/actress with a fabulous life, perfect feet and no excess hair. Such moments normally involve half dressed toddlers with curly blonde hair and/or a funny hat, hunky men with big hands, hair (can be Boris Johnson stylee but obviously not with the face), and their trousers turned up, puppy dogs (preferably labrador. cream) and an assortment of accessories: strawberries, buckets of water, kites etc. Oh, and everyone is laughing, even the dog. In my experience, the SSM occur more often in the summer although winter moments can happen with the aid of a real fire and big velvet sofas. Anyway, I’m rambling. I had a SSM at the weekend. To celebrate my impending birthday, I grabbed a few girlfriends and we went to stay the night in a teepee in a field just outside Eastbourne. It was idyllic. We went for a walk, laughing all the way, of course. We built a fire (more laughing) and we got drunk  (laughter turned into shrieking like a Valkyrie) and sang songs around the camp fire (the Carpenters and Bohemian Rhapsody). However, the SSM moment was shattered when we turned in for the night and the snoring started. What a bloody racket.