Site specific art, I believe it’s called. What’s it all about? Drama-school dropouts and pyromaniacs showing off. That’s what. The one I’ve just seen involved men in home-made trousers, trundling around on giant wheelbarrows, waving torches and shouting in Esperanto. At the beginning of the ‘extravaganza’ in a moonlit park, we had a couple of people doing some naff acrobatics on a scaffold, followed by a procession of monks carrying torches and trying to look menacing. For added effect, we even had Enya warbling away in the background. Up and down the park we went, following the ‘action’. There were papier mache men on stilts ‘fighting’ men on trampolines, lots of waving big flags and juggling with buckets of fire. Just so we didn’t get confused as to what was going on, there was a man who kept telling us but I think he was making it up as he went along. ‘Hey-ho’ he shouted. ‘Hey-ho’ we shouted back. At one point it sounded like we were saying ‘ee-by-gum’  but I could have been wrong. Anyway, then they set fire to a huge bell and that was that. I suppose it beats watching Heartbeat!