Alleluia. The worst time of the year has passed and it was bearable. The highlights: I didn’t make anyone cry. That’s it. The rest is a blur. So here I am back in snowy Brighton trying to get back to normal. I’ve made my annual pilgrimage to Freak Street and the Marie Curie Emporium of Clothes that People have Died in. This year I was proud to donate a bag of lavender fragranced nicky nacky noos and assorted bath bombs. Nice if you’re 90 but I’m not. Thanks anyway. I have two New Year’s Resolutions: a. at the risk of encouraging rats, I will feed the birds in my garden. b. I will expand my vegetable repertoire to incorporate Pak Choi, broccoli and butternut squash . c. I will stop obsessing about expanding my vegetable repertoire. d. I will take inspiration from Harold Pinter’s passing to finish my play. ¬†That’s it. Over and out.