The pc world has gone mad. And I’m not referring to the computer retailer. I’m talking political correctness. The latest expression that’s been hijacked and blown up by those pesky pc Nazis is the brainstorm. Apparently, we’re not allowed to have them anymore as they’re offensive to anyone who suffers with mental health issues. We’re now encouraged to have thought showers instead. Now, I don’t know about you but to me, a ‘brainstorm’ indicates I’m going to be blown from pillar to post and well and truly sodden. A ‘thought shower’, meanwhile says I might get a bit damp but it’s nothing that the hand drier in the ladies toilet won’t be able to sort out. Do you think Einstein had many thought showers? Of course he didn’t. He had a bloody great brainstorm and felt a lot better for it.  And another thing…I’ve just had dinner with my contact at M&S and he was talking about ‘scratch cooking’. No, that’s not cooking for eczema sufferers, it’s cooking from scratch, ie taking raw ingredients and making a ‘meal’ – not throwing a collection of gloopy chemicals in the microwave and calling it a tv dinner. The fact that ‘cooking’ now has to be qualified with this tag says something about our culinary skills – they’re crap.