A vigorous rub down with high grade sandpaper does not turn me on. I get no frisson of excitement from power tools although a man in dirty overalls with a mouth full of nails does have a certain primal appeal. When jobs need doing I get a man in to do them. It has to be that way because a. I hate all that preparing rubbish and b. I am a bit clumsy and prone to stabbing/piercing/hammering myself when charged with a diy tool. However, our exterior is looking shabby so, galvanised by ‘him upstairs’, I have been doing it. Trouble is, I don’t know what I’m doing. Is it ok to use a fish slice to scrape flaky paint? How do I sand my window frames without shredding my knuckles? Where do I put my knees when climbing a ladder? Aaarrrgghghgh.