I read somewhere that rambling is good for the soul as well as the body. It’s something to do with the colour green; it lifts and separates. Or maybe that’s a Platex bra. Whatever. Me and my coterie of ladies had a lovely ramble yesterday. We were a small group but we were fabulous – bonnets, culottes, Alpine tuppaware. We drove up to Devil’s Dyke, parked the car and did a circular walk that took about two hours. The route, which was a bit sticky (lots of mud and dog dirt – nice) followed the dyke itself, down through some woods into Poynings where we paused at the village school to look at some pictures of lost hamsters. Then, we cut across some fields, past a stables and along to a lovely old church. In the graveyard we had a teabreak. Susan had brought along some rather plain biscuits. I, however, had a lovely selection of pastries! Then it was up through the woods and onto the summit of Newtimber Hill where I had once got hot and bothered in a bush. That’s the beauty of living near the countryside; you can pop off for a bit of dogging whenever the fancy takes you.