Following a visit to my allotment where I indulged myself with a vigorous bout of strimming, I have several injuries: cuts and bruises to my upper and lower torso, sunburn across my upper bottom and a broken toenail. Yeah, ok, so I’m cavalier when it comes to garden implements. On a positive note, my broad beans are coming along nicely as are my onions. Looking at my very full and positively steaming compost, I was reminded of the short video I made as an entry to Loose Women’s ‘Make me a Loose Woman’ competition. I opined for a full minute on the joy of outdoor weeing. Sadly, having watched Monday’s episode, it appears I have not been chosen to appear on the programme. And after all that hard work on the part of Nev who was my cameraman/director/fluffer. He must have had a very sore wrist after our afternoon session! Bloody ITV, they don’t know what they’re missing.