Acrobatics – let’s leave it to the Chinese shall we? There was a time when the only acrobatics you saw came courtesy of Olga Korbut and her steroid sisters, tossing and a-tumbling on the telly in pursuit of Olympic Gold. Now, everyone’s at it and I have to say, the flic-flacs and triple twist back flip with cartwheel combos are just not the same. Take the Insect Circus, witnessed at Brighton Fringe Festival. For a start, they weren’t real insects. They were people dressed up as wasps.zzzz Secondly, they were shite. There were ants standing on other ants’ shoulders and there was a bunch of bed mite hand puppets squirting water at the audience. Not forgetting the ‘bull’ fight with a stag beetle that was so piss poor, I was shouting for the coup de grace. I was hoping for a strip tease in a teacup to alleviate the boredom but this being a children’s show, we had to make do with a ladybird in a sequinned bra doing hula hoops. Come back Billy Smart, all is forgiven.