How many saxophonists does it take to burst an eardrum? Who knows but I can tell you that when there’s seven of them in an enclosed space and they’re jamming hard, doobie, doobie, do, and the spit’s flying, it’s not advisable to sit on the front row. The leader of the band had a gammy leg so he was sat centre stage for the duration of the set while other band members wandered on and off, drinking beer while admiring each other’s finger work. There were also a lot of appreciative ‘yeahs’, ‘woahs’ and head noddings from band and audience alike as soloists went into dizzy raptures with their instruments. In fact, the bass guitarist seemed to spend most of his time on the verge of an orgasm judging by his gaping mouth and squinty eyes. Disappointingly, I didn’t see one black polo neck although ¬†there were a lot of people with beards, including one woman but that’s jazz for you.