If stuck on a desert island or in ‘the Jungle’ (no I’m not watching it, bloody drivel) and given the choice of a luxury – cheese or chocolate, I would plump for cheese every time, preferably with a rustic cracker and a small slither of celery. I don’t understand why women go ga-ga over chocolate. The odd Twirl, maybe (and always dunked) but how some Cocoa Heads can ingest vast slabs of Cadbury (whatever happened to Cadbury’s?) beats me. Actually, I’ve just seen that ad, the one where the girl with the bug eyes and the Croydon face lift gets out a box of photos and gently nestling in there is a bar of Galaxy and she lies back on her Sunday supplement sofa and sucks (never chewing of course because people never actually masticate in adverts). I’m digressing. I’ve just spent a whole day eating chocolate – for a rebranding project. I tell you, forcing yourself to eat a nut truffle at 8.30am is not an easy job. �