Things that have happened to me recently, in no particular order:. I was knocked off my bike by an eejit in a white van. I am unscathed apart from a small bleb on my left knee.. I went to a very disappointing Greek restaurant, trying to conjure up the spirit of Mama Mia/nights of passion in a cowshed in Mykonos etc. However, my kleftiko was a big disappointment, nestling, as it did on a bed of greasy chips with a side salad of Uncle Ben’s. Not only that, the maitre d’ was Portuguese. I ask you.. I inadvertently set off both my house alarm and my car alarm simultaneously, thereby causing a rumpus in the street. Is this a sign from God, I ask myself (the alarm, not the rumpus). I am going to see Babe this weekend so will, no doubt, have lots to report from the sty. Dirk says Babe will be a teenager by now and probably ‘not bovvered’ about me anymore. I am preparing myself for a tumble of the heart.�