Laughter, it’s said, is the best medicine and although I’m never ill, I do like to laugh a lot; granted, some may call my laugh more of a cackle, and, in extreme cases of hilarity, my head and upper torso can get quite loose and jerky too. Indeed, I have been known to accidentally head butt people when in the throes of hysteria. Now, it’s quite difficult to replicate a convincing laugh without sounding like a howler monkey but this is what I did on Friday morning, a spot of practice laughing, knowing that in the afternoon, I had the chance to make a big impression – on Arthur Smith’s radio show. Arthur’s Bash is a cultural fricasee of humour, poetry, music and witty banter, all taking place in our eponymous hero’s Balham gaff. Arthur had very kindly provided us with a boozy fruit punch, no doubt to provoke some raucous laughing but also, thoughtfully, there was a selection of cheesy nibbles, no doubt to minimise the liklihood of vomiting. Like a herd of tightly packed wildebeest, we roamed from room to room to graze on the nibbles, perch on his three piece, and laugh at various entertainers. I tittered and whooped a bit but thankfully, didn’t knock heads with anybody although while clamouring to hear a rumbustuous guitar combo in the kitchen diner, I did get a bit wedged between Arthur’s cooker hood and hob. Plus, at one stage, while a man sang a song on Arthur’s landing, I got a bit squeezed between a bookcase and a mature lady with big hair who’d been on your man’s comedy writing course on a Greek island last summer. After the recording was over, while mingling in the kitchen, I got very close to Nighty Night’s Kevin Eldon who only looked vaguely terrified when I told him how much I liked him. Note to self: be more casual with one’s fawning!