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  • Nuts about tomatoes

    Wednesday, September 16th, 2009By annablog3 Comments

    I don’t want to boast but I am abundant in my back garden. My tomatoes are heavy on the vine and my butternut squash is filling out nicely. However, all is not as it should be; at night I have a prowler – a squirrel who has been filling his flea-ridden body with MY tomatoes. What gets me is that he/she/they, don’t eat a whole tomato and move on, oh no; they have a furtive nibble here, a quick chomp there and sometimes, just for fun, they might indulge in a bit of skinning – just because they can!  ‘It’s not a bloody buffet’, I shriek, chasing the hairy burglars down my garden path. I thought squirrels ate nuts but it seems during these economically challenging times, animals are expanding their gastro repertoires.  This summer, for example, I had wood lice eating my strawberries – and my pet dog Blackie used to eat Nivea Cream. But that’s another story…

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