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Wednesday, June 17th, 2009By annablog0 comment

My eyes are the size of rice crispies and my nose is besieged by snot. Oh, the joys of June, hay fever season. Allotment duties are dangerous – sharp instruments and violent bouts of sneezing are not good companions. In fact, the other evening I was up there on watering duty when I  let rip, tripped over and fell into the water butt. Apart from swallowing a few waterboatmen, I am fine. By the way, my vegetables are looking beautiful, thanks to fellow allotmenteer, Joe. Joe is an Italian with hair the consistency of a brillo pad and a penchant for double-entendres. However, he’s also an award-winning gardener and has a raft of top tips up his cap sleeved t-shirt. eg, cockleshells deter slugs. I have sprinkled said shells all around my tender green stuff and, reluctant to rip apart their undercarriages for the sake of a leaf supper, the slugs are staying away. I have now tasted the first of my spinach and I can tell you, it’s delish.

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