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  • You dig it!

    Wednesday, October 8th, 2008By annablog10 comments

    Today I am writing in praise of digging. I love it in all its mucky, back-breaking glory. Over the last week I have been digging up my front garden – not because a. I urgently need the space for potatoes, what with the credit crunch and all, or b. I think there’s an Iron Age burial ground nestling underneath my manky turf. No, I am creating a dry garden – a little arid desert…

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  • On feeling naughty

    Wednesday, October 1st, 2008By annablog5 comments

    Yesterday I stole a packet of sandpaper from B&Q. I  casually secreted it beneath a bag of manure in my trolley and luckily, as my till technician had a lazy eye and non-specific fatigue, my ‘error’ went unchecked. Feeling brazen, today, I rode the train without a ticket. Who knows, tomorrow I might kill someone. Watch this space!

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  • Life amongst the icecream cornets

    Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008By annablog0 comment

    I’ve taken many diverse forms of transport in my life – shared a coracle in India with five motorbikes, been towed by a diving boat through the Great Barrier Reef while clinging to a fishing net, flown a microlight over the Channel and back. But my latest escapade beats everything. In Dorset at the weekend, Dirk and I had completed the 7 miles of coast known as the Undercliff Walk. Made famous by Meryl…

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  • A life less ordinary

    Wednesday, September 17th, 2008By annablog0 comment

    Things that have happened to me recently, in no particular order:. I was knocked off my bike by an eejit in a white van. I am unscathed apart from a small bleb on my left knee.. I went to a very disappointing Greek restaurant, trying to conjure up the spirit of Mama Mia/nights of passion in a cowshed in Mykonos etc. However, my kleftiko was a big disappointment, nestling, as it did on a…

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  • Down in the dental dungeon of Mr Poppadopolous

    Tuesday, September 9th, 2008By annablog1 comment

    As a child, my dentist was a sadist. A cross between Nana Mouskouri and Eric Morecambe, he gave me a filling every six months whether I needed one or not. As well as torturing me in a Marathon Man stylie, he also victimised my poor brother whom he insisted on calling ‘Jane’. Why oh why didn’t my mother step in and remove us from this abusive situation? Having signed up with a new dentist…

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  • Meet the family

    Saturday, September 6th, 2008By annablog0 comment

    I’ve just found out that a namesake of mine, Louis Dewis, was a Belgian post-impressionist painter. I always knew that I had Flemish ancestors but none so illustrious. Apparently, in between paintings, he hung around in bars, drinking absinthe and contracting syphilis. When the love of his life – a prostitute called Arnold – rejected him, he cut off his nob. See, I knew I was special. �

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  • The demise of Barry Scott

    Thursday, September 4th, 2008By annablog3 comments

    I was just watching the telly and Cilit Bang came on. That’s not a typo – I wasn’t watching an adult entertainment channel! I was actually watching Loose Women. It’s my guilty pleasure, along with hanging around my doctor’s surgery just so I can read about Posh’s pimple and celebrity varicose veins.  I digress. Who has told Barry Scott not to shout anymore? Cilit Bang is not the same without a shouty Barry Scott…

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  • Devil’s Dyke – and not a nasty lesbian in sight

    Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008By annablog4 comments

    It was Beachdown over the bank holiday weekend at Devil’s Dyke and, as if I haven’t had enough nights under canvas, I decided to pay a visit. I loved it, despite the rain and the lack of sleep and the fact that I didn’t wash for two days (strangely liberating although I could have done with a clean gusset). I found a corner of a field that was forever England – the England of…

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